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The research scientist is often faced with the requirement for specific, custom-designed applications or interfacing modules, in order to meet the needs of his/her data acquisition, analysis or instrument control. Many small companies lack the in-house facilities for the development of such one-off programs, and the support of such software can be a major drain on limited in-house IT resources. The only alternative is often to turn to a specialised software house, but despite the high hourly rates charged for such custom development, the developers of the application often fail to fully understand the precise requirements of the research scientist, and the results can often be an expensive disappointment.

In addition, the requirements of the application may change during the course of a research project - by its very nature, it is often difficult to predict the direction in which research may eventually lead, and any software which is used in the research process needs to be flexible and capable of modification, extension and further customisation with a minimum of delay and expense. We deliver software with a robust internal architecture, which enables us to extend and modify your applications as your requirements change and grow, at minimum expense.

Quite simply, we endeavour to deliver bespoke software solutions at a price that compares favourably with shrinkwrapped standard solutions. We offer:
- A free, no-obligation initial consultation,
- An obligation-free, fixed-fee quotation,
- An iterative design process which gives the customer the opportunity for direct input into the development of the product,
- Direct contact with a programming team who understand the requirements of a research scientist,
- Free e-mail support for an initial period after final acceptance of the product (extended support is available at reasonable rates),
- Benefits for budget planning, due to fixed-price quotes once the outline specification has been agreed. 
We will always offer our customers the simplest solution which meets their current and projected requirements; no unneccessary bells and whistles.

about us

Together, we have more than 40 years combined experience of software development for the scientific community. Thanks to this experience and our technical backgrounds, we can provide valuable insights into the generic problem domains which are encountered in many different areas of scientific research and development, which enables us to develop complete solutions within a timescale which less experienced developers would often allocate for analysis alone.
In the course of our projects, we have developed a number of unique programming techniques, re-usable modules and components, which have general application to various areas of research and instrumentation.

By combining our experience, our in-depth knowledge of many different kinds of instrumentation, our generic understanding of various scientific problem domains and our own source-code libraries, we are able to offer a software development service to the scientific community which we believe is unbeatable in terms of its price/performance ratio.


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